Dr Swarn Lata - owner and teacher  

Dr. Swarn Lata, doctorate in Sitar instrumental music and celebrated Sitarist for 30 years, runs this sitar school at the intersection of Keele Street and Dundas, Toronto. Students of all age groups and cultural backgrounds passionately pursue their love for the stringed instrument - sitar, at the 'Sitar Darpan School of Music'.Dr. Swarn Lata is the only female sitar teacher in Ontario.

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  Dr. Swarnlata performing at Sitar Darpan

Get to know your instrument: Sitar

 Sitar is a stringed instrument.
It was invented by Amir Khusrau, a legend in Indian classical music. In the beginning there were only three strings in sitar 'Se' means three and 'taar' means string, hence the name.

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